This is Dr Hitoshi Nikaidoh. A brilliant surgeon of Japanese origin, who tragically lost his life due to the poor maintenance that the multinational Kone made of the elevators of the hospital where he worked.

The elevator maintained by Kone and installed at Christus St. Joseph Hospital operated without the doctor having fully entered the dressing room, resulting in the amputation of the head above the jaw.

Howard Nations, the family’s lawyer, denounced the multinational OTIS, the company that installed the guillotine elevator in the hospital and Kone, who had the maintenance contract for the device. According to the lawyer, the investigation revealed that 4 elevator safety systems failed causing the accident and that the cause of the accident was the poor maintenance carried out by the KONE company. He on the other hand accused Otis of designing and manufacturing a faulty elevator. At the time the OTIS elevator was sold, there were many other safer elevators on the market, but it was preferred to sell an elevator without the optimal safety measures to get rid of the stock. According to the lawyer, with a safer elevator, that accident would never have happened.

It is impossible not to remember the terrible case of Rosío, the young mother who died beheaded when she was going to give birth at the Valme hospital in Seville. The case is the same, high-capacity elevators installed in Hospitals that are activated ahead of time to allow a greater flow of travelers, but that become guillotines with poor maintenance, as in the case of this elevator, the responsibility of Kone.

Following the accident, the hospital contracted the Persohn / hahn Elevator company to perform audits on all elevators at its facilities maintained by Kone and determined that there were a number of necessary maintenance work that Kone was required to perform under the contract and that had not been carried out. accomplished. The Hospital terminated the contract with Kone and contracted with ThyssenKrupp Elevator Company to replace Kone and provide elevator maintenance services at Christus St. Joseph Hospital and Christus St. John Hospital.

It seems that the lack of maintenance in the Kone elevators does not affect only Spanish neighbors, we are talking about a huge and very prestigious Hospital in the United States. So it is found that this negligent way of acting of Kone occurs internationally.

But the bad arts do not end here, someone was in charge of filtering that in the autopsy of the deceased doctor, traces of alcohol had been found, specifically 0.8 grams of alcohol in the blood, which officially means being drunk, but in reality ( and we all know it from breathalyzer tests) means having had a couple of glasses of wine the night before. It is common for doctors in the United States to have a drink with their colleagues in the late afternoon to socialize and relax. The Doctor could have had a beer the night before and had that alcohol in the blood at the time of the accident or even had a cough syrup that ends up producing ethanol in the blood. Moreover, even if the victim had been very drunk, he would never have been responsible for his death, since the elevator was activated prematurely and would have killed him, drunk or not. We are facing a completely immoral attitude, trying to blame the deceased for the accident, making him look like a drunk, when the level of alcohol was minimal and in no way would have influenced his death.

Something reminiscent of the tragic event in Benicassim where the multinational OTIS is involved and where it also seems that the culprit of the accident was the victim. The large multinationals in the sector do not have enough to loot the portfolios of their clients, but their morality is so low that they do not hesitate to blame the victim.

How long will we have to put up with this lack of ethics? Is everything valid to clean the brand image and to invoice?

We will continue to inform

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