A few days ago, KONE put its reverse propaganda machine in motion, the same methods tried and tested by the Nazi JOSEPH GOEBEELS: You can lie as much as you want, but with style and spare no expense. In the end, shareholders and customers pay, they, like the rabble, are very manipulable, something that the Nazis knew very well past.

Kone, through its media arm Canela PR (an important communication agency with clients such as Sony, the Barcelona City Council or the European Commission itself) maneuvered in the shadows to falsely accuse S Público of violating intellectual property laws, as a consequence we they have censored and suspended the twitter account.

We publish the mail sent in its entirety, to the new ministry of public illustration and propaganda of the KONE corporation in order for them to retract, assume their act of injustice and ask for forgiveness.

Dear Ms. Tamara García Moreno, Kone community manager in Canela PR. We have seen with surprise that the social network Twitter has censored a series of satirical publications related to the Kone corporation as a result of the content removal notification that you have filed with Twitter. As a result of this action, our SPublic profile has been blocked sine die.

By means of this e-mail we demand the retraction of this false accusation before Twitter in order for the social network to republish the censored content of our profile and return it to normal activity. You have brought a false accusation on us. They accuse us of having used material protected by copyright and hosted on the YouTube channel of the multinational KONE, something radically false, like almost everything that comes out of that corporation. Each and every one of the censored videos are satirical and / or informative audiovisual creations about the bad practices that the company that you represent in the networks exercises in real life to thousands of affected people. I understand that they want to avoid the diffusion of these real cases, but they cannot censor as little dictator.

Not a single frame taken from that pitiful Kone YouTube channel is used in any video. Something as easy to verify as viewing the videos, where original cartoons and real audios of affected customers are used. You cannot fall lower, they only demonstrate the ilk of the executives who run this strange corporation in Spain.

Your aim was to censor our content with the excuse of the violation of intellectual property. On the contrary, in this situation, if someone rapes someone it is you, you just have to ask those who have the misfortune to fall into their networks. This behavior worthy of dictators is not acceptable, just because we are critical of the behavior of an all-mighty multinational company.

KONE corporation will be worthy of study, specifically what not to do in the business world. Not everything is valid, no matter how big you are. The service Kone provides to its customers is lamentable, that is something that everybody knows, but now they are known also as the biggest censors of the kingdom. What has been said will end up being the paradigm of bad practices in the business world, it cannot be more vile, Mr ANTTI HERLIN, your Corporation in Spain is on the way to being able to compare itself with the Nazis.

Here are the videos censored by Kone on Twitter, according to them for “copyright infringement” when using “corporate images and videos created for the use of the brand” hosted on this YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE3b2AlBfR82NQLCoq2kIiA

Judge for yourself if we have used a single frame of those tendentious corporate videos:

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